Among all the national, and international film festivals that take place in the Czech Republic is Cinema Mundi. Being an international level film festival, Cinema Mundi was started in 2010 and used to take place in February every year, until 2016 when it was discontinued.

The inspiration

The festival was started by Josef Cadik, who is believed to be a big movie buff and operates open-air cinemas in the Czech Republic and Central Europe since 1991. The inspiration for the festival was derived from the tradition of the Brno Exhibition Centre, established in 1928 that used to attract international exhibitors to the city.

Josef Cadik also serves as the current director of the festival and the main partner is the South Moravian Region having its administrative body in Brno.


Cinema Mundi in Brno aims at screening movies that represent the contemporary national cinema of Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. The festival only features the films that have been submitted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science in the United States for consideration in the Best Foreign Language Film category. These movies then go on to become a part of the main competitive section of the Cinema Mundi International Film Festival. Additional sections include the latest Czech-language feature films and those which represent contemporary film art from three selected countries or a region.

Jury Members and Organizers

The student Jury is responsible for selecting the best films since the second year of the festival held in 2011. The Jury consists of the students from Masaryk University, the second-largest university in the Czech Republic. Students from the university participate to a great extent in realizing and organizing of the Cinema Mundi festival.

Four best films have since been chosen and 6 special awards have been given by the jury in the course of time when the festival was organized.

Guest Appearances

Since its opening in 2010, the Cinema Mundi International Film Festival has garnered attention from several accomplished guests from the world of cinema. This includes Goran Markovic and Srdan Karanovic, Directors from Serbia, Lordan Zafranovic, a Director from Croatia, Ismail Gunes, a Director from Turkey, Yesim Ceren Bozoglu, an Actress from Turkey, Iveta Grófová, a Director from Slovakia, João Canijo, a Director from Portugal, Vladimír Blazevski, a Director from Macedonia, Juanita Wilson, a Director from Ireland, Sulev Keedus, a Director from Estonia, Karel Roden, an actor from the Czech Republic, Martin Šulík, a Director from Slovakia, Jiří Menzel, a Director from the Czech Republic, Hilda Hidalgo, a Director from Costa Rica, Jaroslav Vojtek, a Director from Slovakia, Anjorka Strechel, an actress from Germany, Jaroslav Dušek, an actor from the Czech Republic, Paresh Mokashi, a Director from India, Miguel Littin, a Director from Chile, Justin Molotnikov, a Director from Scotland, Stephen McCole, an actor from Scotland and others as well.

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