Cinema Mundi 2014

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The fifth year of Cinema Mundi International Film Festival was held in Brno, Czech Republic, from February 26 – March 6, 2014. During the 9 days of the festival more than 130 screenings of 80 feature films were to be seen in 5 cinemas around Brno.

The films were devided into 5 film sections – the World Cinema, Prague School, European Road Movies and Oscars & Lions.

The World Cinema, the largest and the only competition section of the festival included 34 films that were submitted for the Oscar competition in the category of the Best Foreign Language Film in the past year. The audience could enjoy films such as the Italian The Great Beauty, the Canadian Gabrielle, the Danish Hunt or the Belgian Broken Circle Breakdown. The Student Festival Jury selected the Croatian Halima’s Path the best film of Cinema Mundi IFF 2014, while the Special Award went to the Cambodian Missing Picture.

Tha Prague School Section offered an interesting collection of films made by 5 directors of former Yugoslavia studying at the FAMU university in Prague in the 60s and 70s. Three of the directors attended the festival in person – Goran Marković, Srdjan Karanović and Lordan Zafranović.

Among other intenational guests there were Austrian director Julian Polsler who personally presented his film The Wall, and actor and producer Salah Hanafy from Egypt, who presented his latest film The Winter of Discontent. In addition, director Mira Fornay from Slovakia presented her film My Dog Killer.

As every year, the section of Oscars&Lions included the latest film releases from the USA and Britain and the Czech Republic aspiring for the Oscars and Czech film awards, respectively. Viewers of the films of this section could therefore enjoy films such as Gravity, 2 years in Chains or the Czech films Delight and Burning Bush.