Preparation of CINEMA MUNDI 2014 Accelerating

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The first news about the new year is out. Organizers of the festival released it at the press conference on Friday 13th December 2013 held in Scala University Cinema.

CINEMA MUNDI festival is due to celebrate its 5th birthday in 2014. Its heart is going to beat right in Scala thanks to repeated collaboration with Masaryk University. Only 74 days remain until the start and much of the program – film and support – is still being negotiated. We do already know now, though, there are big plans and novelties at the same time.

Aleš Hrbek, who is in charge of the support program, said it could be the first film-themed costume ball or a winter cinema – variation on summer screenings, which would be open to wide audience.

One more news is a change in Czech film section concept. It used to be a selection from Czech Lion awards however, this year nomination is no longer the condition. “We would like to list the HBO three-part miniseries called Burning Bush by Agniezska Holland, because we take it for a high quality work” Lukáš Skupa, the script editor pointed out. “We will try to ensure at least some of the authors to each Czech film, too” he added.

The main objective of CINEMA MUNDI is to bring the best of world‘s production to Brno. The basic criterion is nomination for Academy Award – also known as Oscar in Best Foreign Language Film category. There are 76 of them this year. Around a half of them is going to get to the shortlist for Czech audience. There will be no other chance seeing most of them anywhere else in the Czech Republic. In its fifth year, CINEMA MUNDI is giving a chance to learn about cinematography of exotic countries like Nepal, Ecuador or Cambodia. In the third year, viewers were carried away by an Oscar winning movie from Iran called Separation, this time it could be The Past again by director Asghar Farhadi. Films like Heli (Mexico), Two Lives (Germany) or The Hunt (Denmark) have been mentioned regarding the festival.

And where can those films be seen? With a little exaggeration we could say during the festival week you will hardly come across a cinema which would not be involved with CINEMA MUNDI. Besides the already announced and confirmed Scala cinema, other “good old sports” are being negotiated with Art, Lucerna, Břetislav Bakala Hall and Velý Špalíček among them and newly also Cinema Café in Černá pole.

Not only films are what culture seekers live on and so afternoon and evening events cannot be missing. Support program is going to be massive again. The venues say it all – Semilasso, Metro music club or Bar, který neexistuje.

“We believe every one shall find their favourites” organisers agree. This year they have also collaborated intensively with students of Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University, which is a long term partner of CINEMA MUNDI and many other volunteers. As Josef Krob, dean of the faculty, cleared out modestly “The faculty just tries not to obstruct the students to participate in the festival organisation and in some cases it rewards them by a humble scholarship.”

That’s all we can reveal right now, stay in touch for more info. Just the last tip – if you find a new diary under your Christmas tree mark the dates of 26th February to 5th March – the fifth year of CINEMA MUNDI international film festival.